As the face of Las Cruces advocating for businesses in our area and supporting over 1000 business members, the Chamber of Commerce MUST have a professional business presence and ability to communicate effectively and consistently with our members. With the help of Waltrex, we have assured that our IT needs are well taken care of and prepared for in advance, preventing us from losing any productivity or letting our members down. Thank you Waltrex for helping ALL the businesses in our community by helping us!

- Troy Tudor – Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce



As a business owner serving the New Mexico region with commercial and governmental construction services, we have to be organized to coordinate our vast array of team members on the many projects we run simultaneously at any given time. If our systems and communications were to fail, our costs could go through the roof and break our budget on ANY of our projects. The IT management that Waltrex provides us is critical in helping us keep our projects operating professionally from day to day.

- Cyndi Jonasson – Denco, Inc.



With over 16 Payment One Financial locations spread across New Mexico and Texas and thousands of customers to serve, I worried about how I would make all my systems connect, how I could sync up all of our data and how I could protect the privacy of my clients. Waltrex didn’t only manage our IT, but they acted as tech consultants to help us increase our efficiency and reduce costs on our data storage & operations costs. We couldn’t have grown in so many locations as quickly as we did without Waltrex helping us build and manage our systems “in the cloud” along the way!

-Matt Gaddy – Payment One Financial



“It has been a huge relief to have Waltrex assisting us with our needs at First Baptist Church. A church has very specific technology needs, it’s not like a business OR a non-profit, but it has elements of both of those types of organizations. We are grateful to have professionals who take the time to understand our needs and find us the best fit to make everything work smoothly and allow us to focus on our mission in the community!“

- Sharon McCardle – First Baptist Church



We welcome all who visit us…or call upon us…not only because it may provide the opportunity to be of service, but also because it is our privilege to build goodwill through courteous and friendly helpfulness”. R.L. Dorbandt (1922-2003) Our founder’s words live on not only in our business but also in the friendly and helpful service we receive from Waltrex on a regular basis. The IT team at Waltrex provides us not just with solutions to our problems, but they offer helpful suggestions and tips, treating us not just as clients, but as individuals that they care about. We are grateful to have a service provider who helps their customers and conducts their business in the same manner that we do within our community.”

- Larry Dorbandt – Dorbandt Realty



Waltrex was able to set up our system and connect us smoothly. They maintain all of our systems remotely and prevent us from risking the loss of valuable customer records, inventory data, and financial data. I wouldn’t trust the management and security of my systems to anyone but Waltrex.

-Candace Horton – Mainstream Boutique.



Data is everything to our business. If we lost access or had a security breach to our client documents, tax records or bookkeeping files, it would be the end of our business and open us up to all sorts of legal ramifications and even penalties. We did the smart thing and hired Waltrex to manage and protect our data and make sure our system, our access and our storage is secure, our computers are free from viruses and other vulnerabilities. Waltrex has provided us with peace of mind.

- Amy Borunda – Heritage Business Solutions



We love having an IT consultant who will move heaven and earth to get our business back on track if we have computer problems. Waltrex even helped us migrate our entire system into the cloud to eliminate the impact of onsite failures and give us access to all of our data from anywhere!

- Lori Munoz – Lynden Construction



“My Business is milk, not running computers systems. We turned to Waltrex because we had a massive reliance on computers and servers to make our entire operation run smoothly. We have such a huge variety of computing needs spread out across multiple locations with multiple buildings with many employees who have different types of needs and demands. I don’t know what we would have done without the strategic planning, flawless execution and reliable ongoing technical support provided to us by Waltrex – they have made priceless contributions to the continued success and growth of our Dairy. Any business owner who wants to be able to trust that their workflow and productivity will stay on track should hire these experts.”

-Mitch Horton, Las Uvas Valley Dairy



“We live in uncertain times. And in these uncertain days, we hear a great deal about security. We don’t need the extra stress and anxiety that comes from worrying about our homes and property, our businesses, and even our personal safety. Because we are security minded, we hire only the BEST experts at IT management to secure our systems and help us learn new technology platforms and tips that will make our business more effective and secure for our customers. Waltrex is the only IT firm as focused on security as we are!”

-Pete Hampton – Las Cruces Security Services



“White Sands Construction Inc.’s philosophy “the customer expects and deserves responsive quality service.” Almost every city in New Mexico, including all military installations in the state, have a building built by White Sands Construction, Inc. We use, and supply customers with, the newest technology and best methods available on the market today. It only makes sense that White Sands would hire the BEST IT Management firm in our region – Waltrex – to provide US with quality customer service. Waltrex assures that our systems run smoothly so we can continue to serve our customers at the highest possible level of professionalism daily.”

- McChristie Curry – White Sands Construction



Thank you to the Waltrex team for your support of my office computer systems! I don’t know what I would do without you. With my busy schedule and constant phone calls and emails with clients, I would be lost if any of my systems failed – it’s amazing how dependent we are on technology! I appreciate your quick response time and availability. Few businesses have this kind of drive anymore; I really appreciate your dedication to assisting my business.

- Marcy Teague – Vogue Real Estate Investments



Metal Craft has changed and grown since it was originally established in 1963 as a welding shop. About the only thing that hasn’t changed is our location on Picacho Avenue. We have expanded from the tiny welding shop to a 17,000 square-foot fully-automated metal/HVAC fabrication shop, warehouse, and office complex. As hands on manufacturing guys, we needed consultants who could help us take our computer operations into the 21st century and we were happy to find a willing and friendly partner in Waltrex. Your hard work allows our employees to focus on our job of keeping people cool – thank you!

- Wes Miller – Metal Craft Company



As an entrepreneur and business owner, it is way too easy to spend thousands of dollars on computers, laptops, phones, “in the cloud” services, and many other aspects of business. Waltrex has helped us manage our computer infrastructure for several years now and recently helped us find a solution to a recurring frustration with our accounting system.  Waltrex set up a  custom cloud computer to manage my accounting. This cloud computer, which is set up with the accounting software I need, is accessible to me AND to my accountant – located off site – with a simple login from a browser. This cloud computer solution allows me to pay one low monthly fee and avoid hundreds of dollars in product licenses I don’t need. It helps me accomplish my accounting at a fraction of the cost of traditional technology and saves us from the time and confusion of imports, exports, emailing back and forth with sensitive financial information. I’m always grateful for any way to cut admin costs, but this level of efficiency and ease of use makes working with Waltrex especially rewarding.

- Mike Lerner – Digital Solutions



As a family member of a pioneering family in Las Cruces with a storied history in the Real Estate industry, reputation and trust are everything in this business. I’m grateful to have Waltrex on my team, to protect my email system integrity, prevent my clients from having their critical information put at risk by providing data security, and helping me run this busy business smoothly by keeping the computers humming. I’m happy to see the strong work ethic that was instilled in me carried on in other businesses, like Waltrex, benefiting and serving our community. It reminds me of my own father and the standards he instilled in me.

-Elaine Socolofsky Szalay – Remax Classic Realty



As a supplier of hot tubs, swim spas and pools in our community, Pool Tech Plus is operated by Las Cruces natives who know that all of our customers are valuable and will do whatever it takes to earn their business. We recognize and appreciate this same spirit at work within Waltrex – the team treats us with respect and handles our urgent needs graciously every time. They have helped us improve our systems, making them more efficient and easier to use. Waltrex is our go-to expert for anything computer or technology related, including our mobile systems, phones and consulting on technical decisions. We don’t know how we would continue to succeed at this busy business without their ongoing help.

-Jay Jarden – Pooltech Plus












In an increasingly complex cyber world, there is a growing need for information security professionals who possess the breadth and depth of expertise necessary to establish holistic security programs that assure the protection of organizations’ information assets. That’s where the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) comes in.  The CISSP was the first credential in the field of information security to meet the stringent requirements of ISO/IEC Standard 17024. The CISSP is a globally recognized and objective measure of excellence.



To beat a hacker, you need to think like one! A Certified Ethical Hacker is a skilled professional who understands and knows how to look for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in target systems and uses the same knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker, but in a lawful and legitimate manner to assess the security posture of the target system. The CEH credential certifies individuals in the specific network security discipline of Ethical Hacking from a vendor-neutral perspective.



The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Routing and Switching certification program is easily one of the most valued IT certifications across the globe.  With this knowlege and experience we can help maximize your investment in complex networking and routing technologies. CCNA Routing and Switching is for Network Specialists, Network Administrators, and Network Support Engineers and validates the ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot complex routed and switched networks.



Cisco Certified Network Associate Security (CCNA Security) certifications program is a specialized program that validates our knowledge and skills required to secure complex networks. We have the skills required to develop a security infrastructure, recognize threats and vulnerabilities to networks, and mitigate security threats. The CCNA Security certification emphasizes core security technologies, the installation, troubleshooting and monitoring of network security devices to maintain integrity, confidentiality and availability of data and devices.

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